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The Code of Conduct spells out the rules regarding Student behaviour in the School and describes the disciplinary rules to be implemented by the School concerning the transgressions by students.

For Students

  1. Discipline is a must.
  2. Respect must be shown for the needs and interests of others.
  3. Absence from a class, without the permission of the relevant teacher, is prohibited.
  4. No Student may leave the School during School hours without a letter from a parent/ guardian requesting the release of their child and the permission of the teachers.
  5. The parents are not allowed to meet their children without permission of the related class teacher.
  6. No additions to the uniform that is not in accordance with the regulations will be allowed.
  7. No earrings, jewellery, accessories, coloured contact lenses or visible tattoos are allowed.
  8. Students may not bring computer games, iPods or similar electronic gadgets to School.
  9. Students should avoid bringing cell phones, large sums of money and valuables to School.

Detailed Code of Conduct is mentioned in the school almanac, which the student needs to abide by.

For Parents

  1. All requirements of leave should be applied in advance, except in case of emergency.
  2. Parents may please ensure that students do not bring mobile phones or any other electronic device to school.
  3. Please check the school website regularly for notifications and updates.
  4. It is mandatory for the parents to attend parents-teacher meeting.