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Handwriting Competition

Intra Class English Handwriting Competition

I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education.
Mahatma Gandhi

Handwriting is an essential skill for children. It activates the brain because it involves complex motor and cognitive skills. There is something uniquely physical and multidimensional about putting a pen or pencil to paper to form words and sentences that makes writing a holistic activity. Considering the importance of good handwriting, an English Handwriting competition was organised on 11.10.2019 for students of Grades I and II where children participated with lot of interest and zeal. It was a matter of pride for them to present their best handwriting and the concentration on their faces was evidence of the effort they put in.

Handwriting causes thinking- the repetition of writing your goal everyday will increase your awareness. The true purpose of a goal is to help you to grow.
Bob Proctor