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High School

At Imperial Heritage School, high school is a grade of education from Standards IX to X. We assure zeal and enthusiasm in every student

Objectives at The Final Stage of Education in a School are Designed To:

  1. Guide and prepare the students for higher education
  2. Help them enter the university of their choice by guiding them on academic and organizational skills
  3. We foster the spirit of inter-community harmony in students – Equality, Spread Happiness, & Live & Let Live policies
  4. We strive to provide education that will enable the students to optimize physical and mental development
  5. We ensure a healthy and vigorous life of each student
  6. We assure zeal and enthusiasm to every student.
  7. We guide them on learning skills, on how to tackle real life situations
  8. We guide on various subjects, which will enable them to pursue their longing career option