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Independence Day celebration

May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this…our country.
- Sardar Bhagat Singh

This was the dream that our national leaders had for our motherland, to be free from the tyranny of the British and have a free India. Independence Day holds a special significance for the citizens of India. It reminds them of the bloodshed and sacrifices made by the freedom fighters to win independence. It wasn’t gained in a day, nor did it come easy. It was the outcome of persistent struggle by the masses of India under the guidance of their political leadership and revolutionary freedom fighters. Therein lies the significance of Independence Day, as it reminds us of the pain our fellow countrymen have gone through and the sacrifices made by them, to achieve independence.

To mark the importance of this special day, Imperial Heritage School played host to a special assembly on 13th August. The celebrations started with the hoisting of the flag by the school Principal, Ms. Neelu Sharma followed by a very patriotic show. The little ones of Nursery put up a graceful dance on a nationalistic song, followed by a ramp walk by the students of Grade I, all dressed as national leaders of India. Students of Grades II, V and VII sang melodious songs and stirred emotions of patriotism in the audience. Students of Grades IV and VI continued with the flow and put up an enthralling dance, capturing the essence of this special day. The assembly concluded with a message from the Principal, reminding the students of how hard it was to gain independence and that we should all make India a proud country through our deeds and actions.