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Mother’s Day Celebration

Our school organized a get together of mothers to make them feel special on Mother’s Day just a day prior thatwas 12th May 2018.The programme began with our guest of honour respected Mrs. Satpal Dahiya(wife of respectedChairperson Shri Satpal Dahiya) by our reveredPrincipalMrs.Indu Paruthi followed by a welcomeaddress. Thestudentsexpressed their emotionsfor their mother through a wonderful Hindi and English poem.Then the mothers wereinvited tobe a part of various activities like mehndiart,potterypainting, flamelesscooking, best out of waste and what not.It was truly a treat to the eyes watching themothers doingthese activities. Winnerswere awarded by respected Chief guestma’am. Also aspecialpaperbag holdingspecialpot made by the little oneswas giftedto each mother as souvenir. Finally ourendearedPrincipal ma’amacknowledged the efforts of all volunteermothers for puttingup their best to makethedaymemorable.