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Online Registration

Online Application Information

Online registration for admission applications in the 2019-20 academic session is open…

Important Points To Consider Before Applying Online. Read Below.

  1. Please note your application will be placed on the waitlist after the payment.
    (Payment options are available, once you click 'SUBMIT')
  2. Please note that even after filing your application, our school reserves the right to nullify your application, if the listed documents are not sent).
  3. Online applications will be accepted once only. (No repetition)
  4. Incomplete online applications aren’t accepted.
  5. Our school will continue to accept applications throughout the year if seats are available.

Now Go Ahead And Fill The Form For Your Child’s Bright Future

Please click here for applying online - Online application form

Disclaimer Clause On Admission

  1. Imperial Heritage School admissions process is strictly managed in order to be fair, transparent and in line with the values and ethos of Imperial Heritage School.
  2. Cash Payments are not allowed.
  3. No payment of any type, except the fee schedule mentioned in our website, will be requested by anyone associated with Imperial Heritage School.
  4. Any attempt to threaten the admissions process must be notified to Imperial Heritage School in writing or by email/call immediately.
    (This includes anyone claiming influence or requesting payment to influence the admissions process, whether or not they are associated in any way to Imperial Heritage School).
  5. Any parent failing to inform Imperial Heritage School of any attempt to undermine the admissions process will lead to their child being struck off of the waiting list or in the case of a child already in school, could lead to the child/children being removed from our school.

If you have any doubts or questions about school admissions process, please call or email