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Social Science Day Report

It’s not rocket science. It’s Social Science – the science of understanding people’s needs and their unique relationship with art, literature, history, music, work, philosophy, community, technology and psychology. The act of design is structuring and creating that balance.
~Clement Mok

The main reason why it is important to study the social sciences is because a knowledge of the social sciences can help us improve our societies. When we study the social sciences, we are studying how people put their societies together and we are looking at the impacts of their decisions about how their societies should be run. By studying these things, we are becoming better informed about how societies should be put together.

To celebrate Social Science Day, presentations were done by the students of grades III- VIIon Communication, Resources, Moon, Major Landforms and Advertising Products. These were very interactive activities, where children cohesively worked as teams and came together to present information, using models and charts.

Details of the presentations:
Grade III- Means of communication ( tv, radio, newspaper, satellites, computer, mobile)
Grade IV- Ways to conserve natural resources (alternate source of energy- wind, sun, water, planting trees, using bicycles for short distances)
Grade V- Phases of moon, Chandrayaan mission, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and Satellites
Grade VI- Major landforms of the Earth
Grade VII- Advertising Products