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Theatre Acting Media Room

In our school, we have 'Theatre-Cum-Media' rooms, studios and labs which are furnished with the latest technologies used in the media industry. From Cinematography to Filmmaking, from TV Production to Direction, from Acting to Editing, we teach everything related to the media world.

Our school has advanced industry-centric curriculum, top quality infrastructure, qualified teachers, who can furnish your child with all the skills mentioned above.

Students who wish to pursue their career as actors, directors, writers and other professions in the entertainment industry, can attend this class. Our school has experienced faculty members, who passionately teach these skills through practical, theory classes, games, exercises, and videos.

In addition to it, there is a roster of Bollywood celebrities, who visit our school and share with students, their invaluable on-the-job experiences and tips to become one. Exciting, isn't it? Let us find the hidden charm in your child.