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At Imperial Heritage School, we always strive to present our students with high quality education that helps to forge an understanding that strengthens bonds across languages and cultures, across borders and social chasms.

Our efforts help to foster top quality learning by presenting best educational environment to satisfy the needs of ever-eager children.

We always follow an integrated approach when it comes to academic learning. With years of experience, we have come up with ways that help us to nurture each and every child with utmost care. Our philosophy is to empower students with the best possible education so that they can develop a strong character and have the confidence to manage the diverse challenges in life. We believe that the bedrock of academic learning should be strong enough so that it provides with a firm base that can help the child in any kind of undertaking that he/she attempts. Moreover, we always make sure the learning experience that a child has at Imperial Heritage School is enjoyable enough so that the child has a happy and fruitful upbringing.


Best school for Innovation and Value Based Education

Best school for Innovation and Value Based Education

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Eldrok India K-12

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Dainik Jagran Group

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"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world"


β€œGud afternoon ma'am, Thank u so much ma'am for doing ur best for students, and being flexible in the unprecedented situation .Thank u for always be patient wid students. Wonderful affort done by u and the students..

β€œ Good afternoon ma'am,
Shared above is the message received from Jay Batra's parent.
I would like to go on record in saying that the activity which has been conducted by you on water conservation was really good as this spread awareness about the current tragic situation where in multiple cities across globe are facing water crisis .we been very fortunate as we have ample amount of water but having said that we still feel a water scarcity in Many cities.... therefore awareness for water conservation is a need of the hour.. my appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the school...

β€œPresentation today was awesome.Also, not only was it interesting but informative.A big round of applause to all the kids and Sharan ma'amπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Feedback from Vaidurya's father.

β€œIt was fantastic performance by the students also support by teachers.


β€œPresentation was inspiring for students as to look about the nature and how to live in healthy environment. It was inspiring for us also. We also feel that our children are at right path and we have to appreciate them.

Feedback from Somraj's mother

β€œVery good presentation..I appreciate all the students and teachers effort.

Feedback from Lavanya's parent.

β€œDear Ma'am..It was really nice to see kids presenting.Innovative way of teaching and useful for overall development of kids.

Feedback from Anangsha's mother.

β€œDear Mam, The assembly done by the children is amazibg. They have learned so many things by this assembly. I like dance and project made by the students very much. They must be appreciated for their hard work.

Feedback from Diya's father

β€œIt was fantastic, loved the efforts by children and I can't wait to see more class presentations by children in future.

Feedback from Krishang's parent

β€œ It was a wonderful experience to see the morning presentation by our children's under your fantastic supervision.....I hope it will be a mind opener and helpful in there coming life....rest all ..animation part was excellent and all children looks supportive to each other and your lead was impeccable. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™

Feedback from Krisha's mother

β€œGood evening mam, today in the class presentation I enjoyed a lot.Children were fabulous. They were full of confidence....I think these kind of apportunities should come in their life so that they gain more confidence. All over it was a good experience.πŸ˜€

Feedback from Ranavir Rana's mother

β€œHeartiest congratulations to all children for commendable presentation and there hard work . And many thanks to respected teachers for their support ,guidance ,trust and give kids this type of platform where our kids become more more confident .And a big thanks to respected principal Ma’am who always support kids and encourage them to touch the sky with no fear and do your best because Principal Ma’am is always with you .πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ».

Feedback from Harshita's father

β€œIt was right we should stop the air pollution as we have a chance to stop in covid-19 stop going outside and stop using vechiles.this was a good assembly as it motivated us about pollution and gasses.

Feedback from Hanshika's mother

β€œThe class presentation was totally a mesmerizing performance. The idea of controlling air pollution was very well executed and presented by the students. The forms like skit, rap, poem recitation and song which were used to convey the message of controlling air pollution made us all abide to the presentation from start till end.
Wonderful job done by students and teachers.

Pooja Dhaka

β€œMy daughter Shiya Thakur is studying in KG B. You have shifted to online teaching so beautifully that children enjoy these sessions and react as if they are in a real classroom and not a virtual one. The enthusiasm of the teachers (Sweety Ma’am and Poonam Ma’am) is so infectious that we parents also join in and attend the classes with our children. You have set high expectations for our child and we are sure that she will meet them ! I wanted to let you know you are doing great job and we support you completely what you are doing.

Atul kumar Thakur

β€œ The initiative of conducting the Online Classes for our kids by the school is a wonderful step in ensuring that students are engaged constructively and their academic year does not suffer much.The efforts of the teachers is really appreciable. The delivery of the lessons is through high quality Presentations,e- copies of Textbook/ Workbook/Worksheet is made available to students, clear instructionsaregiven to kids regarding the class assignments and the homework. Teachers are putting their hundred percent to ensure that each student understand the concepts well.

Biswanath Mondal
Father of Samiksh Mondal

β€œ My daughter Anvika Chaudhary is a student of KG-B.Her class teachers are Sweety ma’am and Poonam ma’am.They are takinga lot of effort during the class to make the sessions interesting so that students take interest in class. I am happy that they made a very strong bond with the students in such a short span of time. The teachers ensure that the students understand the concepts using play way method. The teachers encourage the students to participate by giving them rewards point so that students complete their work neatly within the stipulated time period.
My son Akul Dhaka has just joined the school last week in Class VI. Today was the 5th day of his online class. I have found teachers very loving and attentive towards each student. It seems as they all are physically present in a classroom. The procedure followed is wonderful starting with attendance, asking about their day in brief and revising last day work before starting new concept of the day. Though we have shifted from Australia, I was worried how my son will cope up but I am happy to admit everything is running smoothly. I love the way children give tests online. In a way we are giving them an exposure of being tech friendly in a positive and constructive way.

Pooja Dhaka
Mother of Akul Dhaka
Class VI

β€œ I am Aarushi’s mother who studies in Grade II B. I am extremely happy with the online classes as my daughter really looks forward to learning new concepts everyday. All the teachers are doing a wonderful job. Thank-you For Imperial Heritage School for having such motivated and dedicated staff members.