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Welcoming, Imperial Heritage School

Welcoming, Imperial Heritage School

At Imperial Heritage School, we always strive to present our students with high quality education that helps to forge an understanding that strengthens bonds across languages and cultures, across borders and social chasms.

Our efforts help to foster top quality learning by presenting best educational environment to satisfy the needs of ever-eager children.

Latest Happenings

Blue Colour Day

The Pre-Primary Wing joyfully celebrated Blue Colour Day, transforming the stage into a sea of blue hues. Students and teachers came dressed in vibrant blue outfits, eagerly participating in a variety of engaging activities. Dressing up in blue and creating art with blue objects seems like a crea...

Important Dates
  • 24th Jul, 24

    UT II (III- XII)

  • 25th Jul, 24

    UT II (III- XII)

  • 26th Jul, 24

    UT II (III- XII)

  • 29th Jul, 24

    UT II (III- XII)

  • 29th Jul, 24

    Theme Craft (Pre Primary)

  • 30th Jul, 24

    UT II (III- XII)

  • 30th Jul, 24

    General assembly (III B)

06:16 AM


Parent's Speak

"The initiative of conducting the Online Classes for our kids by the school is a wonderful step in ensuring that students are engaged constructively and their academic year does not suffer much.The efforts of the teachers is really appreciable. The delivery of the lessons is through high quality Presentations,e- copies of Textbook/ Workbook/Worksheet is made available to students, clear instructionsaregiven to kids regarding the class assignments and the homework. Teachers are putting their hundred percent to ensure that each student understand the concepts well."

Samiksh Mondal

Father: Biswanath Mondal

"Would like to go on record in saying that the activity which has been conducted by you on water conservation was really good as this spread awareness about the current tragic situation where in multiple cities across globe are facing water crisis .we been very fortunate as we have ample amount of water but having said that we still feel a water scarcity in Many cities.... therefore awareness for water conservation is a need of the hour.. my appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the school..."

Jay Batra

Mother: Sheetal Batra

"My daughter Shiya Thakur is studying in KG B. You have shifted to online teaching so beautifully that children enjoy these sessions and react as if they are in a real classroom and not a virtual one. The enthusiasm of the teachers (Sweety Ma’am and Poonam Ma’am) is so infectious that we parents also join in and attend the classes with our children. You have set high expectations for our child and we are sure that she will meet them ! I wanted to let you know you are doing great job and we support you completely what you are doing."

Shiya Thakur (KG B)

Father: Atul kumar Thakur

"The class presentation was totally a mesmerizing performance. The idea of controlling air pollution was very well executed and presented by the students. The forms like skit, rap, poem recitation and song which were used to convey the message of controlling air pollution made us all abide to the presentation from start till end.
Wonderful job done by students and teachers."

Akul Dhaka

Mother: Pooja Dhaka

"I am Aarushi’s mother who studies in Grade II B. I am extremely happy with the online classes as my daughter really looks forward to learning new concepts everyday. All the teachers are doing a wonderful job. Thank-you For Imperial Heritage School for having such motivated and dedicated staff members."

Aarushi (Grade II B)