Satpal Singh Dahiya, ChairmanSatpal Singh Dahiya

Chairman's Message

In today's globalised environment where boundaries are quickly disappearing, how can we provide our children with an education that is responsive, relevant and responsible? It is never right to confine children to an old fashioned learning that is no longer relevant today, since they have been born in a different era with different needs. With such priorities in mind, we began our journey to find a way through which we can provide young minds with an education that truly goes beyond confines of the classroom walls and effectively prepares them for a rather fast changing world. Through effective researching, we came up with a way that not only allowed us to understand the educational system of the country but also determine how it should ideally be. This led us to a path of studying various humane pedagogical processes with much deliberation, as we examined numerous educational institutes in India and abroad. This eventually led us to realize that it is necessary to bring a transformation in education which eventually led to the birth of Imperial Heritage School.

The goal of Imperial Heritage School from the very beginning has been to provide cutting-edge education to students that can help them to live a life of greater purpose and satisfaction. This has made Imperial Heritage School into a major symbol of new generation schooling. At Imperial Heritage School, we not only believe in imparting knowledge to the young minds but we also provide them with the training that they need in order to take control of their own self development and help the community and the environment to thrive. We offer education and schooling of international standards that can help the students to be at par with their peers in all other parts of the world. We also believe in preserving the heritage of our traditional culture and education so that they have the moral base while they strive for perfection in a highly pluralistic world. Our community of students and educators from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and nations positively reaffirm this unique approach.

Another aspect that Imperial Heritage School focuses on strongly is the importance of human values. The fabric of education here at Imperial Heritage School is strongly imbibed with a culture that gives importance to understanding human nature and human condition. Through our education, we believe in fostering an understanding of various cultures, practices and languages, across diverse social chasms spread in time and space. Such open minded approach to education can help children to develop compassion towards members of other societies and also become sensitive and socially responsible beings in their own right. Such traits can truly help to make the world a better place to live.

Most importantly, at Imperial Heritage School we always seek to empower the children with a strong urge of lifelong learning that can help them to evolve as the global citizens of today's world. Our education is always aimed at providing them with a base that promises them with a high quality of life.

Satpal Singh Dahiya