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Club System

'An Important Part Of School Culture And Student's Life.'

The house /club system at Imperial Heritage School, Gurugram helps students in many ways. In our school, the House/ Club System has a special relevance.

All the students belong to a 'house' or 'club', where they learn the value of teamwork, gain leadership quality, encourage healthy competition, exchange knowledge with each other within houses/clubs, work together in cultural and sports activities, and build a strong school spirit.


  1. Creative Breeds- They are full of creative ideas, they are full of passion. They use their skills to create wonders. (writers, painters, dancers etc.)
  2. Kings & Queens- They rule, they are the rulers. Their words have charm, which blows everyone's mind. (Debate, extempore, group discussion)
  3. Shining Sapphires - They shine, wherever they go, they spread their shine with their knowledge. (quizzers)
  4. Studious Genius - Another Einstein, Another APJ, they are beating them all. Going far with their education. (Scientists, exhibitions and more)
  5. Precious Gems - They are proud of themselves, because whatever they do, do it with zeal which makes them precious. (Players)
  6. Each club has a different theme and responsibility.

    We split our students into 3/4 houses/clubs.


  1. Leaders
  2. Champions
  3. Challengers
  4. Warriors

Each students is part of one of the houses and can join a club depending on his/her talent.