Nurture With Nature

Education should not be restricted to school books, it should go beyond. We teach every student the importance of trees, plants, fresh air, greenery, nature’s shelter, planting etc. We teach and guide students on how to plant a tree, how to evenly fill the pit with soil, how often to water the sapling, why not to pluck flowers, and so forth.

In a nutshell, we teach them a life outside the school building. These small activities mentioned above connect students with nature and make them feel that their small effort can make a difference in the world. And it does!!!

We do these activities in school premises. Our students often take an active role in helping to green the school by teaming with their teachers and parents to plant trees on our school property.

Thanks to our students and teachers, because of their small effort, the trees in our school yard not only provide shade to our school building, but also improve air quality and can reduce temperatures in hot climates. “So let your child nurture with nature. And let them create a healthy yet green place to live.”