Ms Divya Chaabra, School CounsellorMs Divya Chaabra


Parenting Challenges

Getting kids to bed on time…positively disciplining your children…building a child's self-esteem…helping your children learn social skills…these are just a few of the challenges parents face every day.

Every new day brings a new challenge in the life of parents.

Parenting is a challenging task in the modern times. Rapidly changing lifestyle, newer demands and requirements of life etc., put forward multiple challenges to parents. In the modern society, many times both the parents need to work to accomplish the economical stability of the family. Balancing between the work and parenting duties make parents feel that parenting is a stressful and challenging task. It is therefore the need of the hour to bring school and parent together to improve academic and social success for children.

Conducting workshops for parents is an initiative of the school towards the same. We believe that parents stay abreast of the research in child development and child psychology. With the skills and strategies learned during the workshop, parents can help children grow in confidence and resilience.

The workshop focuses on most relevant challenges of parenting and the strategies to cope effectively with them.