Students life

Classroom learning isn't enough for Imperial Heritage Students. For the holistic development of the students, extra-curricular activities play a crucial role.

Student's Life includes different competitions such as Quiz Competitions, Essay Writing Competitions, Debate Competitions, along with Vacation Camps, Knowledge Trips, Awareness Camps, NCC Activities, Social Service Camps, Seminars/ Webinars, and so on.

Life at Imperial Heritage is about giving your child the best you have ever wanted as a parent. We understand that after home, school is the place, where your child can grow and nurture.

Essay Writings

Well! Every school gives essay writing opportunities to students, but in our Imperial Heritage, students learn to write a strong and a well-developed persuasive essay. At times, essay writing can be a grueling mission, and if it is not correctly taught, then the student suffers in the long run and we won't let it happen.

Quiz Competitions

Quiz competition is a kind of sport, wherein the players (individual or team) attempt to answer questions correctly in order to win a prize. We can also call 'quiz' a fun way to study, which improves students' general awareness.

We conduct quiz competitions for all classes. We facilitate students to think from different angles or to think 'out of the box'. We want to help them improve their General Awareness and soft skills.

MUN Activities and Classroom Exercises

Model United Nations club events are essential for sustaining a team and creating a positive club environment. Along with MUN theoretical lectures and simulations, MUN activities aid in the development of the abilities that Model United Nations imparts. Students in our school participate in various MUN games and educational exercises all year long.

Debate Competitions

We also train our students for debate competitions, so that they can effectively voice out. Debate promotes critical thinking, problem solving skills, improves oral communication, boosts knowledge, actually, it lets you speak for or against the topic in front of a crowd.

Awareness Camps

Imperial Heritage has been at the forefront, when it comes to plantation and cleanliness drives with active participation of students, teachers and parents as well. As a part of the social responsibility campaign, we organize awareness camps often to create awareness related to environment, surroundings and so on.

Social Service Camps

We are proud to organize social camps, where our students participate along with their respective teachers, mentors. Our Social service camps serve the dual purpose of experiential learning involving physical and mental abilities. The goal is to groom the leaders of tomorrow who can lead by example.

Seminars/ Webinars

To improve student's communication skills, expert knowledge, networking and to boost motivation and confidence, we organize seminars and webinars. We also take students to numerous renowned places to attend useful seminars. By attending seminars, students get an opportunity to explore topics through discussions, get information on a particular subject, in fact, an educational seminar is an effective way to share important knowledge.

We cover every aspect of a student's life…