Essential Information

The Code of Conduct spells out the rules regarding Student behaviour in the School and describes the disciplinary rules to be implemented by the School concerning the transgressions by students.

For Students

  • Students are not permitted to use the school telephone except in urgent cases and with due permission.
  • Inappropriate magazines, books and other print/video/digital materials should not be brought to the school under any circumstances.
  • Physical and verbal violence, use of abusive and disrespectful language is strictly forbidden,
  • Students are not allowed to come to school by self-driven vehicles.
  • The students are expected to be sincere and honest in the examination hall. Strict measures will be taken if the child is found using unfair means during the exams.
  • Being disciplined and adhering to school rules is an essential condition to a student's continuance in the school. In case a student violates the school rules or indulges in any form of indiscipline strict action like expulsion/suspension/rustication shall be taken.
  • Student should be neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn on all working days. Check the hair cut, uniform and punctuality of your ward in the morning. Strict action will be taken against students who do not adhere to the uniform norms of the school.
  • Low waist (skirts/trousers) is not permitted. Shirts should be properly tucked in. Spikes/fancy haircuts are not permitted. Tattoos and extra piercings are not permitted.
  • Girls should plait their hair if it is below their shoulders. Short hair should be neatly cut and pinned. No fancy hair bands and pins are allowed. Kindly wear only black pins, rubber bands and hair bands.
  • Students are not allowed to wear any jewellery to school Girls may wear a pair of earrings or ear studs.
  • Students should be instructed to be careful about his/her belongings; there should be name tag on all things. Expensive articles like watches, l-pods, cameras, pen drives, mp3 players etc. cannot their school be brought to school.
  • Students are expected to respect the property of others. This also includes respect for school property. They are not allowed to bring sharp objects like scissors, blades, cutters, metal scales etc. to school
  • Students should not bring crackers, colours etc. to school. Bursting of crackers and playing with colour is liable to lead to expulsion of a student from school. Bullying and use of foul language are punishable offences.
  • Students are expected to maintain discipline while travelling in the school bus. If found misbehaving, the bus facility will be withdrawn with immediate effect.
  • Students are not allowed to go to friend's house or anywhere else from school without written permission from their parents.

For Parents

  • Parents are requested to take prior appointment for all purposes via the reception which is their first point of contact with the school.
  • To receive important information and updates from the school, please refer to Parent's Portal-ERP website, Student's Almanac, circulars, school brochures and magazines. It will also help you know more It about Curriculum /Methodology /Assessment and other aspects of the school's functioning
  • The school Almanac serves as a ready reckoner for all the parents to understand the philosophy of the school. Therefore, parents must read the contents of the School Almanac carefully and follow the rules and guidelines laid down by the school. The School Almanac will be the main channel of communication with the school. Parents must acknowledge all the circulars sent through this by signing in the appropriate column.
  • Do conduct the activities recommended for home work. This helps in the optimal development of the child in certain areas like family values and social interaction that can only be learnt in the home environment.
  • Help your child prepare for the performances and presentations at school. This is a great morale booster for the child. Winning is not everything. Your child's participation in the events and celebrations itself gives him/her great exposure. Encourage your child to participate in all activities.
  • You must attend the school whenever invited for PTMs, orientation, parenting seminars and other events.