1. What is the philosophy of Imperial Heritage School?
Ans: At Imperial Heritage School, we always strive to present our students with high quality education that helps to forge an understanding that strengthens bonds across languages and cultures, across borders and social chasms. Our efforts help to foster top quality learning by presenting best educational environment to satisfy the needs of ever-eager children.

2. What is the teacher/ student ratio?
Ans: The ratio in pre-primary classes will be 2:28 and in Grade 1upwardswill be 1:32

3. What board is the school affiliated with?
Ans: The school will be affiliated with CBSE board; the process is under way.

4. Till which class will the school be?
Ans: The school is currently upto Grade VII and will be till Grade XII in the coming years.

5. What curriculum does the school follow?
Ans. The school follows the CBSE curriculum.

6. What is the assessment pattern?
Ans. Grades I and II have an informal assessment through the year where the holistic development of the child is of prime importance. The child is assessed on various parameters of academics, co- curricular activities and her social quotient. Grade III and IV have four rounds of Unit Tests and Grade V onwards have two term exams in addition to the four Unit Tests.

7. Does the school offer foreign languages and from which Grade?
Ans. The school offers French as the third language from Grade V.

8. What sporting activities are offered by the school?
Ans. The school offers a wide range of sports- cricket, basketball, taekwondo, lawn tennis, badminton and skating. Shooting is available from Grade IV.

9. Is the school air conditioned?
Ans. The classrooms and buses are air conditioned.

10. Does the school have smart boards in classrooms?
Ans. Imperial Heritage School has technolog enabled classrooms with state of the art study modules. Technology is used to make teaching and learning meaningful and fun

11. What co- curricular activities does the school offer?
Ans. In addition to the sporting activities, the school offers various clubs where a child can either learn a new skill or hone a skill that is already present.

12. What is the admission process?
Ans. For students applying for Toddlers to Grade-II, we conduct an informal interaction between the Principal/ Headmistress and the child. From Grade-III onwards, the student is expected to sit for an informal assessment.

13. What are the formalities for Mid Session admission?
Ans: The parents need to check the availability of seat in the Class they are seeking admission for. Then follow the regular admission process but need to provide the original mark sheet/report card and Transfer Certificate from the previous school before taking admission. For Grade I upwards the Transfer Certificate has to be attested by the concerned Educational Board Authorities.

14. Are there any other hidden charges?
Ans: There are no hidden charges our fee structure is transparent; no additional fee is required to be paid throughout the year other than the stated fees, except for any voluntary activities such as school trips, camps, competitive exam fee and special event costume.