Sports & Games

We believe that 'the power of sporting activities' can boost 'the overall development of a student'. Sports play an active role in shaping up the personality and fitness of a student.

We have indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. Outdoor field has Cricket Ground, Football Field, Lawn Tennis Court and Basketball court. Indoor Sports Area has Table Tennis, Badminton and Shooting range.

We have different coaches for different sports who can impart training to our students in various games. They work hard on each student and help them win different levels of competitions. All students are exposed to all sports age appropriately and on the basis of their interest.

A Number of sports we offer:

  1. Football
  2. Cricket
  3. Basketball
  4. Skating
  5. Lawn Tennis
  6. Table tennis
  7. Badminton
  8. Shooting Range
  9. Taekwondo
  10. Various other field events

At School, the students learn and compete in the selected games according to their skills and likings. This helps children to concentrate and excel in their specialised Sport.

Those students who are pretty much interested in any particular Sport are provided with the specialised coaching after school hours.

Note:- We celebrate 'Sports Day'. Students participate with passion and win prizes. We also encourage students and provide them with opportunities to participate in different inter-school, zonal level, national and even international level competitions.