Safety & Security

In IHS the safety and security of all children is our priority and this will not be compromised at any cost as we have the zero tolerance policy.Following are the steps we have been taking to ensure that our children are safe in school and that we have adequate safety and security systems and processes in place, which go over and beyond the minimum government norms.

The School is in full compliance with all applicable laws, CBSE rules and regulations, Directorate of Education guidelines, Supreme Court guidelines and other relevant notifications. The following Safety and Security measures are strictly adhered to in IMPERIAL HERITAGE SCHOOL, SECTOR 102, Gurugram for the security of all students:

School Entry Point

  • Main Gate is manned by female and male security guards.
  • No parent or visitor can enter the school without Escort / ID card. Visitors are also provided Visitor’s card and pass for entry.
  • Entry of parents and visitors in school premises are registered.
  • Frisking is done of all visitors, staff members & parents. Handbags are also checked.

School Premises

  • Boundary wall has barbed wire fencing.
  • There is only one entry and exit to and from the school building.
  • Conductors & Drivers are not allowed inside the school building premises.
  • CCTV cameras are installed at Entry & Exit Gate, Parking Area, Corridors, Playground, Reception, Bus Parking Area, and Classrooms & outside all the Bathrooms.
  • All CCTV systems are monitored at four-hourly shifts by the Safety & Security Officer & IT In-charge.
  • Two CCTV monitoring screens are installed at the reception area.


  • There are separate toilets for boys & girls (students).
  • There are separate toilets for visitors, teachers & staff.
  • Toilets for blue-collar employees are outside the school building premises.
  • One female attendant is stationed outside every toilet and a lady guard checks each toilet every 15 minutes on all the floors.
  • All Nursery and KG sections have their own personal nannies as well to escort children to bathroom.
  • Safety & Security Officer, Floor In-charges and teachers check bathrooms regularly during school hour (Security Officer do not go inside the bathrooms, only female teachers, guards and housekeeping are allowed to check the bathrooms).

Safety Measures

  • Good and Bad touch video is shown on regular basis.
  • Counselling related to other safety measures is also done by class teachers. Buddy system is implemented and strictly followed in all classes. Safe Circle Activity is also being done.
  • Evacuation plan has been put up on all floors.
  • The school medical infirmary is well equipped to handle all first aid situations. A qualified nurse is present in the infirmary from 7.30 am to 3 pm on all working days.
  • The school has a tie-up with Signature Hospital for medical emergencies.
  • Suggestion / Complaint boxes are installed on all floors.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Evacuation & Mock Drills are conducted in the school regularly and the information for the same is mentioned in our newsletters and website.
  • There is a School Safety Committee (SSC) which meets every fortnight to review safety & security measures. The SSC includes two parent representatives. The list of members of the SSC is available on the school website under Beyond Academics.
  • The School strictly follows the safety & security statutory guidelines as prescribed by various authorities.

Transport Safety

  • The buses are well equipped with CCTV camera and GPS system which is duly monitored by the Transport-in charge.
  • Buses are installed with speed governors to avoid over-speeding and to maintain the prescribed speed limit.
  • Basic First Aid Box is kept in all buses.
  • Nannies are present in all bus routes till the last stop.
  • Students are not handed over to parents/guardians from school or bus stops without escort cards.
  • Private van drivers are not allowed inside the school premises. Students going by van are escorted to the main gate by teachers.