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Smart Class

Big Or Small, SMART Classes For All

Imperial Heritage School truly understands that in order to excel in this SMART Era, students need SMART learning. This is the reason that we have brought a rich environment of Computer Aided Learning. Today in every School, SMART Class is a must.

Equipped With The Latest Technologies

Our SMART classes are equipped with the latest technology including LCD projectors and Interactive Digital board systems along with computers. All the sections of the curriculum are conveniently delivered through SMART classes that are networked to the large repositories of digital content. With the implantation of the Digital revolution in the classrooms, we provide our students with some tools and facilities that bolster interactive learning in the student.

Interactive Smart Classes For Everyone

Gone are those days when both teacher and the student were dependent upon the books even for the basic comprehension. The Interactive SMART Class facility that we provide our students with, is more than just a digital Era concept. Instead, it goes beyond academics and incorporates all the aspects that students need today. It creates a multi-sensory learning experience for the young minds.