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Primary Years

Primary and secondary education has been segregated as Primary (1st standard to 4th standard), Upper Primary (5th standard to 7th standard), Lower Secondary (8th standard to 10th standard), and Higher Secondary (11th and 12th standard).

In general, these are the first stages of formal education. (The first four grades of primary school, Grades 1-4, are also part of early childhood education).

Objectives of The Primary Years (At A Glance):

  1. To help students develop a joyful and positive learning
  2. To make students feel confident about everything they do right
  3. To guide them in every step they take
  4. To foster an attitude of alteration to the learning environment
  5. To make students feel independent in thinking and living
  6. To help students develop and maintain DIY skills, wherein they can self-initiate, self-direct activities
  7. To teach students acceptance, patience and respect for others
  8. To teach students moral values, politeness, kindness and etiquettes
  9. To help students incorporate good habits, graciousness
  10. To prepare students for middle years schooling