Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Teaching art is a great art in itself.' We take immense pride in teaching art and craft to our students. We believe, student's artistic skills should do all the talking. 'Sketching, painting, drawing' is a prerequisite to most of the creative fields.

Painting is the most beautiful of all arts. We do this beautiful job. In our school, we guide students to create a story by using his/her imagination.

Sketching is yet another talent. It is a blend of art knowledge and practice, we at Imperial Heritage School, follow interesting methods of teaching sketching.

As far as drawing and illustration are concerned, these are very interesting ways of portraying one's ideas and thoughts on paper.

We don't believe in the concept that 'Art is God's gift'. We feel, every student has a pinch of artist in them. Our teacher with their right guidance can make every student perform artistically.