Fee Structure / Fee Policy

  • Fee should be paid before 10th of every quarter.( i.e., 10th April, 10th July, 10th October and 10th January)
  • The fees and other charges are liable to change and the school reserves the right to revise them.
  • If a cheque is dishonoured by the bank, a fine of Rs. 250/- per cheque will be charged.
  • Late Fee Payment Penalty- If the fee is not paid by the stipulated date, a late fee of Rs.100/- per day (including holidays) will be charged till the 20th of the fee payment month. Thereafter a late fee of Rs. 250/- (including holidays) will be charged for each day till the 10th of the following month. Payments not arriving within 30 days of Pay by Date shall result in cancellation of admission.
  • In case of withdrawal of the student, one clear calendar months' notice in writing or a month's fee in lieu thereof, must be given by the parent/guardian before the pupil is withdrawn.
  • The caution money shall be refunded and transfer certificate shall be issued after all the dues towards the school are paid.
  • Parents have the option to deposit fee for a whole term or a whole year in advance.
  • No fee shall be treated as of the current quarter or advance unit until and unless all previous fee dues cleared in full.
  • All fee dues are to be cleared on quarterly basis.