Yogesh Dahiya, DirectorYogesh Dahiya

Director's Message

It is a well known fact that true education never ends. Whether one is a student in a school or has reached the zenith of his or her career, there is always something new to learn and be a part of. Here at Imperial Heritage School, we believe in providing students with the highest level of academic learning that can help them to develop clarity and calmness while at the same time imbibe in them a strong spirit of learning for years to come.

The truth is that it is really not that important as to what a person knows, but what the person does with the knowledge that he or she has. We have an advanced experiential learning model and a hands-on approach that is in line with the best quality international practices. This allows us to make our students perfectly comfortable as they step into unknown spaces in their quest for knowledge. It also helps us to encourage our students to develop problem solving skills where there are hardly any prescribed methods. In our present world, information and help is available just at the small click of a switch or button. Technological feats unfold wondrous possibilities in front of our eyes and global forces shape up and remodel our worlds within the twinkling of an eye. Therefore we need to empower our children so that they can adapt to such changing milieu rather quickly in order to become truly global citizens.

At Imperial Heritage School, we believe in forging ahead being empowered with a critical and challenging curriculum as well as a highly dynamic learning environment that helps us to expand the learning horizon for our students. Our educational model can assist children in thinking locally while at the same time act globally. Our teachers promise an enduring educational and intellectual experience for our students which make Imperial Heritage School one of the best educational centers in India.

Yogesh Dahiya