Sumit Dahiya, Vice PresidentSumit Dahiya

Vice President's Message

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education"
– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Education is a truly global need in the present times and it is a force that can prepare young boys and girls to live a fruitful life in a challenging and unpredictable environment. It is due to such reasons that the quality of education is held with a lot of importance nowadays. High quality education cannot only empower people, but it can also provide them with the confidence that they need to manage critical situations in life.

Quite often, we tend to make the mistake of imbibing our children and the future generation with education and ideas that we think are necessary but have hardly got any relevance in their lives. Information that is relevant today may have little importance in the future. It is often difficult to predict beforehand what will be regarded with importance in days and years to come. Education is surely the core of human dignity that is imperative for sustainable development in years to come. Therefore education should encompass the main initiative that helps to make formal, informal and non-formal approaches of education effective and engaging and empower students enough to come up with problem solving skills while at the same time work with empathy towards fellow members of the society.

The students should be provided with enough exposure that would enable them to hone creativity and unique abilities that can help them to become independent and empowered. At Imperial Heritage School, we always focus on helping students to develop skills that would help them to effectively take charge of their lives in years to come. With the help offered by our teaching staff, the young boys and girls will have the strength to soar fearlessly. This will not only help them to know themselves but also cultivate their inner powers to a greater extent.

Sumit Dahiya
Vice President