Farm to Table

The Giving Farm
Hens give eggs.
Pigs give ham.
Cows give milk.
Strawberries give jam.
Bees give honey.
Farms give food,
I'd like some, please!

Hands-on learning is the process of learning by actually doing and experiencing something, rather than just being told about it. Children are encouraged to learn through exploration and thinking skills. Building on the theme Farm to Table, the students of Kindergarten engaged in a plethora of activities to understand the theme better. Teaching kids where their food comes from is an important step in developing an understanding of healthy eating. Students engaged in various activities like listening to farm-related stories, sorting and matching pictures of foods and animals, participating in farm related sensory activities, making farm crafts and learning songs related to animals in the farm. A learning corner was created in the classroom where the teachers explained what products we get from animals and by the end of the sessions, the students were well versed with the theme and could easily explain the process of food from the farm to the table.