Run up to the Student Council

“Leadership is action, not position.”
~Donald H. McGannon

The importance of student council is not based on the position, authority or popularity that comes with it. The student council plays a pivotal role in setting an example for the rest of the school. This way, more students will be driven not to just be students- they will want to do more beyond attending school.

Ahead of swearing in of the student council, nominated candidates canvassed in Grades VI- X and spoke about reasons why they should be voted in. The candidates spoke about how they would work with their House Wardens and help to get the rolling trophy for the session.

The school principal, Ms. Neelu Sharma, wished all the candidates good luck and casted the first vote. Students of Grades VI- X voted for their favourite candidate through electronic voting in complete secrecy, without disclosing whom they had voted for. Teachers of Grades III- X also participated in the same.

Results awaited!