Cursive Letters Introduction

The digital age of today is all about typing out text and using voice to send messages. While writing is still present in all walks of life, schools know how important it is to teach cursive writing to the children. The necessity of getting a hang of that skill goes beyond the simple aspect of writing the alphabet.

The traditional printing style of writing makes use of numerous strokes and movements to form a single letter. Some children tend to remember it in sequence and might face difficulty in replicating the same when writing words. Cursive writing creates a flow that connects one letter to another, tying the shape with muscle memory. Hence, it is best to teach cursive writing to children in the first place.

Learning how to write in cursive style and developing a beautiful handwriting takes a lot of practice. Students of Kindergarten did tracing, writing and painting of cursive letters and words by using different methods to practice . These activities not only helped in writing but also improved their fine motor skills.