Global community meat

Our paths may change as life goes along, but our bond, so unbreakable, would stay forever strong. And we begin again!!
Team IHS continues to add new friends and international partners to its circle of friends. Seven students from Grade VII-X collaborated with students from Honduras, Ghana, Spain, Uganda, Romania, Russia, Vietnam and Korea.

Globally agreed agenda for such an exercise is making connections, education and taking action on emerging global issues of peace and unity. Establishing long term connections between students from different parts of the world is the foundation for creating this beautiful community called, the Global Citizens Community Workspace. Discussing about the Sustainable Development Goals students learn about other country’s way to promote it. The students had their meeting wherein they got to know each other and started planning a pathway to a meaningful, enriching and long lasting association.

A quick overview of the different weaving patterns of India were given by the IHS students. The global students appreciated the efforts and  thanked for giving them an insight on the vibrant cultural heritage of India.
The session ended on making future plans for fostering and strengthening the ties  of friendship between India and the global community.