World First Aid Day

"When lives are on the line, seconds count. First aid is critical in those initial moments." ~Jay Inslee

On this World First Aid Day, we are incredibly proud to highlight an exceptional activity led by our dedicated students in collaboration with our amazing nurse at the Infirmary. In a world where emergencies can strike at any moment, knowing how to provide basic first aid can make all the difference. Our students took it upon themselves to become everyday heroes by mastering the art of first aid under the expert guidance of the school nurse. The day started with an informative session on the importance of first aid, where they learned about the critical role they can play in saving lives. From minor scrapes to more serious injuries, they gained knowledge and confidence to act swiftly and effectively. What truly sets our Infirmary's First Aid program apart is the hands-on training provided by our dedicated nurse. It was a day filled with learning, laughter, and teamwork! Our students now carry the torch of knowledge and compassion into their daily lives, equipped to make a difference not only within our school but also in their homes and communities. They understand that first aid is not just a skill; it's an act of kindness and humanity.