World Traditional Day

‘Tradition is not the worship of customs but the preservation of values’. 

The traditional day is celebrated in several parts of the world to celebrate diverse cultures, values, and heritage. The celebration of conventional day promotes ‘Unity in Diversity’. Traditions are customs and beliefs which we must respect and adhere to. The word tradition itself means ‘handing over, or passing on’. We should stand by our traditional values and culture; there is a significant meaning to the traditions! 

On the occasion of celebrating World Tradition Day, both online and offline students actively participated in showcasing creativity by displaying wonderful art of the Warli. The students from Grades V to IX designed their own board to highlight the significance of our rich culture and heritage and preserve our traditions alive. Through this celebration, we saw vivid colours of our culture and realized the significance of traditions as the base of our culture. Our future culture saviour took pledge to join hands to preserve them- our valuable treasures like our useful possessions.

Happy World Traditional Day. Traditions are a way of life to every culture. It’s a way of life that provides the vision of the natural, real way of life.