Boyhood Days

“Character is power.” ~Booker T. Washington

Students of Grade VIII were introduced to the history of the colored people, at the time when they had become free from slavery. The story- Boyhood Days is a Chapter 2, from Up from Slavery, written by Booker T. Washington. The chapter revolves around the newly acquired freedom of the slaves and how an entire race was beginning to go to school for the first time. Fast-forward in history, and the list of eminent coloured personalities is now endless. To expand their knowledge, the students did research on the two powerful Presidents of the United States of America- Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. They presented the information through a VENN Diagram that clearly showed the hardships that Abraham Lincoln had to face, and yet he proved himself to lead a country of white people. The VENN diagram showed the similarities and the differences between both presidents and was well presented.