Internation Yoga Day Celebration By Teachers Of IHS

“Yoga is a powerful vehicle for change. As you build strength, you start to believe in your own potential.”

The very changemakers of HIS, its teachers, today decided to become students of the powerful yet slow paced yoga – abyaas. The International Yoga Day being round the corner, the teachers decided to become students of the ancient practice of yoga. The online yoga session was a hit with the Yoga Instructor, Ms. Preeti Sangwan leading the team from the front by performing various asanas and explaining the benefits of each of the asanas. The teacher students’ enthusiasm was palpable in the way they partook to the yoga session like fish to water. It was a pleasant sight to see the teachers doing various yoga poses and the pranayama. Each participant had just one thing to say at the end and that was, “let us make this a daily practise, after all, it has relaxed us in such a short span, imagine the health benefits of daily practise. The effect that yoga practise will have on the physical and mental health of children will be incredibly valuable for them.” Food for thought……….