Concept Introduction - Grade I

Concept Introduction - Grade I
English - Noun
Math - Addition 

Integrated Activity - Noun & Addition

Through a fun activity, the concept of Noun was introduced to the students of Grade I. The teacher explained the rules through a power point presentation and then showed different pictures. Using the knowledge imparted, the students skillfully segregated them in the various categories of person, place, animal and thing.

The value of the month- Respect was also integrated with the concept of Nouns. While the teacher explained the story on respect- the students, along with understanding the value, also pointed out the various nouns that they came across.

In Mathematics, the recapitulation of addition was done through a hands on activity. The students brought forth different items readily available at home and added them as instructed by the teacher. They were also introduced to vocabulary associated with addition through a power point presentation.

Both concepts were integrated when the students wrote different nouns on chits of paper and placed them in the respective pockets that they made on paper shirts. Then they added the nouns in each category and continued with addition, as instructed by the teacher.