Virtual Exchange Program

“Simple exchanges can break walls down between us, for when people come together and speak to one another and share a common experience, then their common humanity is revealed.“ – Barack Obama

As an educational institution that has a single point focus on the holistic development of her students ,Imperial Heritage School took a leap forward empowering its students and introducing them to a Virtual Exchange program held on 27.Nov.2021, Saturday,6:30 pm IST.

Virtual exchange involves the engagement of groups of learners in extended periods of online intercultural interaction and collaboration with partners from other cultural contexts or geographical locations as an integrated part of their educational programmes and under the guidance of educators.

Students along with their educators from different countries likewise to mention a few: Honduras, Ghana, Liberia, Morocco, Cameroon, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Uganda, Japan and Korea were part of this online exchange program.

Our students Aditri Malik,Shaurya Bhatia,Utsav Saroha ,Hanshika Jindal,Tivon Kataria and Somraj had a wonderful time where Somraj showcased his Harmonium playing skills and shared glimpse of his painting which astonished all global companions. The acquisition of knowledge, experience through this amalgamation of global interaction helped our student ambassadors to develop an understanding and embrace cultural differences. Through this online exchange program students introduced themselves to their global friends and talk about their country’s similarities and differences. This provided an opportunity to them to be part of a Global community and gave a forum to develop critical 21st century skills of cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution.